First OBGYN Appointment

Tomorrow is my first official OBGYN appointment.  My little peanut is 8 weeks and 1 day old today.  Hopefully tomorrow we’ll see an ultrasound photo of baby, a photo showing more than a yolksac that is.  I’m excited to have such a photo history of my first pregnancy.  Having a photo of baby during Week 6 isn’t so common and we have one!

My boyfriend and I have been thinking of names.  Not obsessively, but every now and then we think of possibilities.  I’m stuck on one name, that I honestly couldn’t tell you where it came from, and I love it.  We have lots of time to consider names.

Today I discovered that I cannot stand the smell of raw onions.  This is going to make my love of cooking a challenge!

I’m still always exhausted and definitely have a bump now – so strange to know it’s just water and bloating while my body changes to make room for baby to grow.  So weird.

Pregnancy Status:
Week 8

Current Mood:
nervious about my first obgyn appointment

Looking forward to:
my next ultrasound

Right now fearing:
peanut’s health since it’s so early in my pregnancy

Partner’s Status:
super supportive of my health

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