Hormone woes

I’m starting to feel the change in hormones … it isn’t pretty.

Normally I’m a very independent individual who loves her freedom, but lately I’m feeling very clingy and overreacting to the smallest things. I haven’t experienced any random outbursts of tears, just enhanced anger.

Honestly, I thought the shift in hormones was a myth, or at least exaggerated but I’m now convinced otherwise which is very unsettling.

On another note, my mood wasn’t raised after my obgyn appointment yesterday either only because there was no ultrasound and it was basically a formality.  If you haven’t had your first appointment, I’ll prepare you for what I’ve now discovered is quite common:

  • Lots and lots of paperwork.  If you had any difficulty recalling your family’s medical history you’ll remember it now.
  • Urine test (standard of course)
  • A nurse checking your Blood Pressure and asking you a million questions regarding your Birthing Plan (my appointment was at Week 12 so I had no clue how to answer most of these questions)
  • Waiting a while for the doctor who after a very brief introduction and a “congratulations” wrote up a prescription for prenatal vitamins (while giving me a goody bag of samples) and lab orders including blood tests that I would need to complete before my next appointment which would be scheduled every 4 weeks until my Third Trimester

Pregnancy Status:
Week 8

Current Mood:
quite hormonal

Looking forward to:
finding out if peanut is a girl or boy

Right now fearing:
the continuing of crazy hormones

Partner’s Status:
overwhelmed by my complete change in demeanor

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