Migraine Party

I’ve suffered from migraines for years, and since my most recent kidney issues I’ve had to discontinue my daily preventative medication.  Now that I’m pregnant I am also not able to take my emergency relief migraine medication.  Sometimes I have migraines that completely disable me – this is rare but it has happened a few times.  Today was one of those magical days.

The nurses that I spoke to today said instead of taking an over-the-counter migraine medication, I should have a can of caffeinated cola or a cup of coffee.  I guess with all the side effects possible from a compounded drug this makes sense but I still want to be as cautious as I can.  After shutting myself in my bedroom surrounded by fluffy pillows and darkness for several hours I felt better.

If there are any [future] moms out there reading this and you have advice I would very much appreciate it!

Pregnancy Status:
Week 10

Current Mood:
worried about my health affecting peanut’s

Looking forward to:
finding out girl or boy (yes I know it’s still way too early)

Right now fearing:
more disabling migraines

Partner’s Status:
a little distant lately

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