Ugh, can I just be healthy?

Had to miss work today because last night I ended up almost blacking out after hours of vomiting bile and having the worst upper abdominal pain imaginable.  After a couple hours I broke into a cold sweat while feeling feverish so my boyfriend made me go to the Emergency Room.

At the ER I was immediately put in a wheelchair because apparently my skin was snow-white with blood pressure of a low 80/65.  I was immediately admitted and was wheeled into a private room.  After an hour and a half my blood pressure still wasn’t stable so the only thing the nurse could do was start an IV with hydrating fluids.  Dr. Love (no joke) was my doctor – I truly wish he had his own practice so he could be my physician.  After looking at my chart and listening to me describe my symptoms he immediately gave me his thoughts on what it could be, and with the best bedside manner ever.  Once my blood pressure stabilized, after another hour, he prescribed anti-nausea medication be added to the IV drip, and a pain medication tablet be swallowed.  The nurses were so nice and since I had been there close to 3 hours on an empty stomach gave me a little cup of juice, cheese, and crackers.

After watching “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” on my little hospital room TV, and feeling quite comfy since the medications had kicked in, Dr. Love (who I apparently addressed by name at every opportunity and, as best described as, in a radio broadcaster voice) alerted me that I have “thick gallbladder sludge, but no stone formations.”  Dr. Love advised me that gallbladder issues are very serious and although I am pregnant it is still possible to have minor invasive surgery to completely remove the gallbladder if necessary.

Pregnancy Status:
Week 11

Current Mood:
worried about my health affecting peanut’s

Looking forward to:
feeling healthy again

Partner’s Status:

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