Hi there Peanut

Today started off scary but turned out to be incredible.

For a followup (from the ER) my boyfriend and I went to the obgyn so they could check the fetal heartbeat.  We were very nervous after the previous medical scare and after the doctor tried two different instruments but could not detect a heartbeat externally we were in full blown panic mode.  I thought for sure we had lost the baby.

An emergency ultrasound was scheduled next door in their lab building, which was very convenient, and we had the nicest ultrasound technician I can imagine.  She basically told us a story about the baby in a short five minute ultrasound and was so enthusiastic (but not in a cheerleader sort of way) and made it a perfect experience.

As soon as the internal ultrasound showed up on the screen, we heard the heartbeat – 162 beats per minute – and it was amazing.  The baby looked like it was dancing (very badly, like I enjoy dancing, with it’s hands going back and forth across its chest).  My boyfriend asked if it was normal for little peanut to be moving around so much at 11 weeks and the technician said it all depends on the baby, but that it is a great sign of health.  Peanut is 2cm long and all my vitals looked perfectly healthy as well so we were SO relieved.  I can’t believe we were able to spend time with our baby!

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