time goes by so quickly!

Only 4 more months left before Ace comes into the world. ย Time goes by so quickly! I feel so under-prepared, but am getting better. ย I’ve been shopping online and have found some adorable clothes for Ace! ย I’m especially excited about the randomness of the bundle I have coming in the mail ๐Ÿ™‚ Still haven’t sent […]

Red Alert

Pregnancy Status: 20 Weeks Current Mood: feeling a bit out of sorts Hormone Level: RED ALERT Cravings: Ice Cream / Frozen Custard Looking forward to: clothes shopping for Ace Right now fearing: reading safety reviews for nursery furniture Partner’s Status: anxious for the next ultrasound ย 

achy breaky back

The backaches have begun! ย I’m in desperate search of a horseshoe shaped body pillow to take the pressure off of my back while I adjust to sleeping on my side. ย This is going to be a challenge as I’ve always been a stomach sleeper! I’ve been reading up on body pillows specifically for pregnancy, and […]

It’s a BOY !

Okay honesty time. ย I had my heart set on a girl … imagining all the frilly dresses, stuffed animals, dollies, princess tea party, and pink everything. ย At theย ultrasound today my boyfriend and were asked “Do ย you want to know the sex?” of course we said YES and the technician located the right position of little […]

I feel like a yo-yo

I’m having a hard time dealing with the change in hormones … I’ve never been the type of person that I am right now – overly sensitive and emotional is not my cup of tea. ย Not that I’m the void of emotion by any means, but this is overwhelming and I’m at a very low […]