It’s a BOY !

Okay honesty time.  I had my heart set on a girl … imagining all the frilly dresses, stuffed animals, dollies, princess tea party, and pink everything.  At the ultrasound today my boyfriend and were asked “Do  you want to know the sex?” of course we said YES and the technician located the right position of little peanut and said ” … IT’S A BOY!”

My heart skipped a beat.  I was so excited!  Hearing the news that it was a boy did not break my heart or give me a moments sadness – especially when I looked over and saw tears of joy in my boyfriend’s eyes.  We had both discussed how amazing it would be to have a little girl, but in this moment we knew we were supposed to have a son and it was elating.  He told me that I must have known all along because the only name I chose (back in Week 6 of my pregnancy) was one for a boy, and we both fell in love with it.


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