time goes by so quickly!

Only 4 more months left before Ace comes into the world.  Time goes by so quickly!

I feel so under-prepared, but am getting better.  I’ve been shopping online and have found some adorable clothes for Ace!  I’m especially excited about the randomness of the bundle I have coming in the mail 🙂

Still haven’t sent out announcements to family (after I do I’ll be posting an social media online announcement).  My friends span the globe so unless I see you on a weekly basis or you’re a friend who has seen me out and about shopping, chances are you have no idea I’m pregnant (haha)  It’s kinda fun actually to have this little secret surprise; especially since my friends know having children was never in my life goals/plans.  I’m so blessed that Ace’s happiness is now my life’s goal.  Oh, and the only reason my family members do not know about my pregnancy is due to the high risk issues I was having up to week 14.  I didn’t want to make a joyous announcement and have to follow it up with a tragic one.

So excited to send out an announcement that not only are we having a baby, but that it’s a boy!

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