Glucose Tolerance Test: 1 Hour

I had my standard Gestational Diabetes Test yesterday.  My blood was drawn an hour after drinking a bottle of red sugary beverage (that didn’t taste bad at all actually; just like over-sugared fruit punch) and I was told “no news is good news” …

Today I get a call from my doctors office letting me know that my test came back high so they need me to come in for the 3 hour Gestational Diabetes Test.  I’m panicking.

While on the phone with my nurse, I asked if my sweet tooth could be causing these results.  She said if I’ve had a severe change in diet (more sugars and carbs) that it very well could affect the test results so for the next week to get back on track with my normal diet to insure the accuracy of my next test.  It does seem a little strange to me that my test came back high, although I do eat a lot of fruit, because I keep a fairly clean diet already since organic farm grown fruits and vegetables are at the top of my list.  I did go through a week of craving Frozen Custard, then Rosemary Potato Bread with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, then Intense Dark Cabernet Matinee chocolate … Figures the cravings I finally gave into would get me into trouble.

I’ve been reading online, only reputable medical websites, and surprisingly even doesn’t have all that much info to ease my mind.  If I do have gestational diabetes, my doctors office will send me to a nutritionist etc. so I  guess my best bet is to just wait and hope for the best for Ace and I.

Yes, I use humor to defuse situations.

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