Glucose Tolerance Test: 3 Hour

Arrived at 8am … My blood was drawn to have a glucose level to base the following tests on, before drinking the sugar solution.

Finished the red sugar solution drink at 8:27AM which was chilled and tasted like overly sweetened fruit punch.  Yes, I admit I kinda liked it.


I’m a little worried about the following tests.  I didn’t sleep well because of anticipation and Ace kicking me like crazy, so not the ideal start to the morning.  My blood will need to be drawn 3 more times (once every hour) to test my body’s tolerance throughout the 3 hours.


Feeling:  Okay, just really tired.
I tried to read a book but had to stop because of this odd sensation of, well the closest thing I can compare it to is motion sickness.  Also, the thought of not drinking water (not even a sip because it could dilute the sugar solution) even without being thirsty it’s terrible!


Feeling:  Exhausted and uncomfortable.
During the test the less movement the better as you can experience extreme dizziness.  The waiting room chairs aren’t terrible but not so comfortable during such a long wait.  Ace has starting kicking, probably due to being hungry.


Feeling:  Relieved that I’ve finished the Three Hour Glucose Tolerance Test – without passing out!
I’m so exhausted and my stomach is growling quite audibly so I’m thrilled to be going home now!

I left the office and was again told “No news is good news” so hopefully I’ll pass this and not have gestational diabetes!  If I do I’ll be referred to a nutritionalist and go from there.

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