What I Wasn’t Prepared For …

With this being my first pregnancy I feel that, during the course of the pregnancy, my doctors should have informed me if some very common and not-so-fun “side effects”.


What they don’t prepare you for during pregnancy:

*  nosebleeds
*  round ligament pain
*  urgency (with a little leaking)
*  general itchiness
*  slightly blurred vision
*  swollen gums
*  constipation
*  hemorrhoids
*  irritability & impatience
*  brittle nails during third trimester
*  pure utter exhaustion

If not for my pregnancy journal, book/app, and bestfriend (who is a mother of two), I would’ve lost my mind with confusion and uneducated worry months ago.  It doesn’t seem like all of the above would be common during pregnancy but they are and now I definitely have learned to expect them continuing!


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