Migraine = Emergency Room

While sitting at my desk at work, out of nowhere, I got the worst migraine I’ve had in years.  My vision started to have an aura to it and my eyes quickly became sensitive to the fluorescent lighting, my hands went numb, then the pain exploded through my head so quickly that the back of my skull actually felt cold.

I’ve only had four completely disabling migraines and this was one of them.  The scariest part is when I can’t process thoughts into words, or words into sentences – it’s as if I can’t find the words no matter how simple.  Needless to say by the time I had a ride home I war past the point of just going to sleep in a dark cool room – I went to the Hospital Emergency Room, which was fortunately only a few minutes up the road.

After an IV was started to hydrate me, I was given and two injections for the pain and, after a brief anxiety attack from the medication,  I was feeling much better.  Unfortunately a timer alarm for the IV went off and it was as if half the migraine pain sensation was back.  When it was finally turned off by a nurse, I was able to relax a bit and have Ace’s heartbeat checked.  I was so hesitant to have the IV for his safety but I was assured everything would be safe for him, and he kept moving/kicking the whole time so they were right.   He had such a strong heartbeat.


Not quite a week after the ER, I had another episode at work.  This time wasn’t as severe and barely any migraine head pain, but it was still a migraine and disorienting.

I’m following up with my general physician and my obgyn to find out how I’m going to get through the remainder of my pregnancy if it’s going to involve migraines.

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