Glucose Tolerance Test: 3 Hour AGAIN

Yes, my doctor said I needed to re-take the 3 Hour Blood Glucose Tolerance Test due to her concern that Gestational Diabetes might have contributed to my episodes last week …


I got through an hour before breaking out in a cold sweat and nearly fainting.  The nurses let me lay in an exam room, which was freezing, and that helped tremendously.  After my blood was drawn the second time I got dizzy again and vomited a little of the Glucose Drink up.

The lab technician was so nice and spoke to the doctor; she told me they’d draw one more and then the test would end.  This way they would have a base number, tolerance after 1 hour, and tolerance after 2 hours to check against.

I was so surprised that I got sick this time, since I made it through the 1 Hour and 3 Hour fine before.  Shrug.

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