Finally chose a Diaper Bag

Today my boyfriend and I finally decided on this Eddie Bauer Diaper Bag! Finalizing our shopping seems to be productive in this past week. So now we have/ordered: Clothes clothes clothes Sneaker socks Bibs [Swaddlers] [Burp clothes] Diaper Bag Wipes Case Diapers [Pacifiers] Breastpump Bassinet Baby Blankets Carseat Stroller Mommy Hook Bouncer Tummy Time Activity […]

A Night in Triage

Starting around 3pm I started vomiting uncontrollably at work.  I got home around 6pm and assumed that I might have just eaten something that didn’t settle, but after a couple more hours I got more concerned as dizziness started, plus extreme pain in my left side and lower back. My boyfriend took me to Triage […]

My Strong Little Guy

》video: Β my strong little guy γ€Š The baby books/apps and doctors keep advising not to worry if the baby’s movement lessens at the 9 month mark it is due to the baby’s growth and now having limited room to make big movements because of their size … Acelyn is actually moving around more than ever! […]

9 Month Mark

Pregnancy Status: Week 36 Current Mood: Miserable but only because I have bronchitis which is aggravating my migraines that are happening multiple times per week as it is.Β  I’m so excited to meet Ace in less than a month!!! Cravings: southern comfort foods Looking forward to: Seeing my little boy’s face and holding him for […]

Medical Updates

My FINAL 3 Hour (but really 2 Hour) Glucose Tolerance Test results came back “completely normal” ~ I don’t have Gestational Diabetes !!! Odd thing too that I passed an approximate 2mm Kidney Stone today after my flight to NYC for a business trip.  I had been feeling lower flank pain on my left side […]