Medical Updates

My FINAL 3 Hour (but really 2 Hour) Glucose Tolerance Test results came back “completely normal” ~ I don’t have Gestational Diabetes !!!

Odd thing too that I passed an approximate 2mm Kidney Stone today after my flight to NYC for a business trip.  I had been feeling lower flank pain on my left side but thought it was just discomfort since Ace likes to put extreme pressure on that side.  Then just the past day I had felt a sharp burning pain in my ureter during [frequent] urination, and my bladder was not emptying, so it makes sense that I was passing a kidney stone!

Maybe the symptoms I’ve experienced this past couple weeks have been a combination of Migraine and Kidney Stone …

Symptoms included:
– dizziness
– vision impairment (aura/blurriness)
– numb hands
– headache
– back of skull cold numbness
– slurred speech
– word displacement/blanking
– nausea
– cold chills
– pins and needles in feet
– urgency to urinate (every hour)
– sharp burning pain in ureter
– unable to empty bladder
– lower flank pain
– fatigue

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