A Night in Triage


Starting around 3pm I started vomiting uncontrollably at work.  I got home around 6pm and assumed that I might have just eaten something that didn’t settle, but after a couple more hours I got more concerned as dizziness started, plus extreme pain in my left side and lower back.

My boyfriend took me to Triage where an external fetal heart monitor was immediately put around me and I could hear Ace’s heartbeat.  The nurses said was perfect and that my contractions weren’t a sign of labor since I only had about 5 true ones in an hour and a half.  Also my cervix is closed and a little thick with no dilation.

Unfortunately, there was blood in my urine and the assumption is that I am having kidney issues [story of my life] but hopefully just passable stones.  I don’t know why I didn’t put the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and pain in my left side together since I’ve been dealing with kidney disease for years, but I guess I was so worried about something being wrong with the baby that it didn’t occur to me.

I was given a delicious orange popsicle while waiting on my tests to conclude if I was so dehydrated that I needed an IV.  My doctor gave the okay for me to go home instead and to rest after getting an anti-nausea injection.

My boyfriend was disappointed that I wasn’t going into labor yet which was adorable ~ what a night!

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