Week 40 Appointment

My 40 Week Appointment concluded that I will not be delivering my baby vaginally due to his size, and the fact that I my cervix is not dilating, plus the small size of my pelvic bone.

Acelyn Grey is scheduled to be born via cesarean section surgery on 11/13/2014.

There are Pros & Cons to this decision, but ultimately I want my baby to be safe and this seems the best way to ensure that is possible.

After serious consideration:

○ Pros ○
• Baby will not get stuck during delivery (obgyn says due to Ace’s size his head and/or shoulders could get stuck causing an emergency c-section and possible trauma to his body)
• Knowing when/where I will be giving birth as it will be scheduled
• Not going through the pain of contractions and vaginally delivery
• Not experiencing recovery from vaginal delivery

○ Cons ○
• Not experiencing the natural birth I had planned on having
• Having a spinal epidural and pain medication during the delivery
• Experiencing recovery from cesarean section surgery and scar
• Longer and rougher recovery

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