First All-Nighter Scare

My poor babe starred scream/crying which he never does [yes, you read that correctly, I am insanely lucky to have a mellow baby] and after exhausting all possibilities like hunger, diaper, cuddling I could not console him. 

Acelyn had several more dirty diapers than usual in a day, and more runny with loud gas throughout the day, plus after almost every bottle-feeding with formula supplement he would spitup.  After a few hours I was in what’s safe to day ‘mini-panic mode’.

Cue my first after-hours phone call to his pediatrician at 1:30am.

Apparently at only 3 weeks old it’s hard to pinpoint tummy issues, but his doctor recommended to give him Mylicon drops to relieve gas.  After a few doses he finally started to feel relief and got to sleep.  I couldn’t close my eyes until around 5am I was so worried about him, and even when I did close my eyes I found myself waking up every half-hour to make sure he was okay and hadn’t spitup or had a diaper that needed to be changed.  At 8am he seemed to be fully recovered so I went to sleep until 4pm.

It’s a strange feeling, being so concerned about another human being that nothing else matters but making sure they are okay.  Even though I was beyond exhausted I wasn’t annoyed or angry to take care of him – I was glad I could take care of him – such a new and wonderful feeling.


Comforting my little one.

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