Baby’s 1st ER Visit

Strangely enough, now that Ace’s gas pains subsided I noticed his breathing sounded a little different than usual. Acelyn seemed to be congested and would start coughing a little after trying to randomly swallow as well as after feeding from his bottle.  He also would sneeze four times in a row a few times today causing a runny nose.

When breathing in through his nose there was a raspy sound and he would start to gag on what I assume was postnasal drip.

Around 3am we called the after-hours line for his pediatrician and were told that he probably had a simple cold and that it was very good that he was not feverish, still had an appetite, and was consolable when crying.  Instead of waiting 5 hours to see one of Ace’s pediatricians we drove to the ER at the hospital he was delivered in.

The ER doctor said fortunately Ace only had congestion and a viral infection in his nose rather than in his lungs; also a touch of thrush.  He also confirmed that Acelyn did not have a fever and that this viral infection should just go away on its own and he prescribed oral drops to treat thrush.

Back at home, my little big guy and me sat up all night and cuddled, or he sat in his swing, watching black-and-white episodes of ‘I Love Lucy’.  Having his head elevated seemed to help his breathing a bit as well as using eucalyptus oil in a ceramic burner.


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