6 Week Postpartum Check-up

Today was my “6 Week Postpartum” appointment even though it was a week late due to a reschedule due to the doctor being sick.

It was very uneventful.  Literally the doctor sat down across from me and said “Do you have any questions for me?” … I did have questions:

• Why is the incision site still sensitive to the touch and sometimes extremely painful?

• What form of contraception will be best for me in light of my severe migraines?

• Another doctor in the practice at my 2 week postpartum visit advised either the 3-month injection or an IUD that I could have injected/inserted in office.

• Will the contraceptive injection prevent me from breastfeeding?

… Now I have to 1.) have the injection prescription filled at a pharmacy and 2.) “walk-in” to have a doctor inject me with the contraceptive at a later date because I have all the time in the world.

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