Experiencing ‘Technical’ Difficulties

So included in my barely implemented birth plan was my want to 100% breastfeed.  I’m at about 70% of goal.

I’m taking so the right steps by eating well, taking Fenugreek, and am a very determined person.  My little big guy has latched perfectly since day 1 (which amazes me), has a big appetite, and is not detoured by being 30% or so formula fed but clearly does prefer breastmilk.

After speaking with a lactation councelor about the issue and the only thing I can come up with that is preventing my 100% breastfeeding goal is that I’m just not producing enough for his appetite (he’s not quite 2 months old and 11.3 pounds).

Here’s a great list from healthfulmama.com even though it says to avoid chocolate 😉



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