Love Me Till I’m Me Again


This is a topic I’ve been avoiding but it is time to vent.

One word:  hormones

No one warned me that hormones will be an issue after you’ve given birth. Even after the first menstrual cycle they are still out of whack.  I feel like my hormone imbalance might be stronger now than during my pregnancy, maybe?  I’m even having food cravings which I skipped while I was carrying my son – so weird!

I feel like my hormones are affecting my relationship still, and it’s to the point where I’m counting how many months they’ve caused this rift.  This in turn makes me feel even more emotional and my hormones flair up. I’ve realized though I was experiencing hormone imbalance due to my pregnancy I really had nothing to do with my partner’s boyfriend’s absense; it was merely an excuse he used to justify his selfishness and so he didn’t have to watch me crumble in the wake of it.

My little one is on a consistent daily routine [which I am grateful for as he is only 2 months old] so that helps me.  On the other hand I’m a very spontaneous and independent person by nature so maybe I need a bit more sparatic stimulation.  I’m concerned, for myself and my son, when I return to work full-time and merge the routines together.  Everything will be fine I’m sure but the anticipation is very trying!

I feel like this blog is more of a journal than an article someone is reading, but if you are reading this and have advice or your own experience you’d like to share please comment!

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