I’m really, really mad!


WARNING:  Vent ahead …

I’ve been searching for articles that give advice on how moms returning to work full-time can cope with the adjustment and I’m SO sick of reading articles that are all targeted to SAHM (stay-at-home moms) telling them how to sympathize with the child’s father and to give them space when they go to work as the “breadwinner” and to make sure to take of all household responsibilities but to do activities together to “de-stress daddy” and a date night once a week “for mommy.” Bullsh!t.

Where are all the articles targeted to working moms who will be transitioning from being the sole parent with their child 24/7 to going back to work full-time as the “breadwinner” and the separation anxiety of the child’s father suddenly becoming a SAHD (stay-at-home dad) during mommy’s “9-5”?

… Oh and definitely don’t publish helpful resources for the women that don’t actually want to be the “breadwinner” but must out of necessity since they must be mythical freaking creatures such as a unicorn.

Again my apologies for ranting and I truly am not judging SAHMs or SAHDs decisions in any way because they are life decisions the demand respect even if you [as an outsider] disagree with it; I just wish there were more resources for us real world unicorns that need a little advice.

Venting endith.

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