TV Time with Baby


Ace has decided that he loves ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ and I’ve gotta admit I love it too.

There are only a few shows my peanut seems to truly love; and he really doesn’t watch too much TV anyways since he’s not quite 3 months old.  He’s very lucky that both his parents love Disney, Pixar, cartoons in general, and anime.  I’m thinking that for his first birthday we’ll make a Wishlist filled with blurays so to build our own Disney/Pixar Vault!

Okay I’m getting ahead of myself here.  My baby will be 3 months old tomorrow and I’m equally excited and sad.  I try to utilize my time with him and we’re on such a perfect schedule, but next week I’ll be returning to my full-time [42 hour a week] job in Corporate America, so this schedule will may only apply 2 days a week.  As much as I enjoy my job and am dern good at, it is going to be drastic life change and I’ll admit I’m nervous about work/life balance.

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