Outdoor play / Indoor play

As a parent finding the best ratio of outdoor play to indoor play can be a struggle …

The weather this entire summer has been so crazy and unpredictable where I live. Lots of days so hot and humid we didn’t last over an hour outside, and then other days so rainy and cold that we couldn’t step foot outside at all.


We are in no way comparing our minor inconveniences with others (including family) that our hearts go out to for the recent events of natural disasters that have impacted their lives.

In my almost 3 years of parenting, I don’t think there is a right and wrong answer. No child is the same as another and no parent(s) are the same as another. Every parent just has to stick with that they think is best for their child(ren).

For my peanut I personally do not have a set rule for indoor play and “screen time” to outdoor play. My peanut loves creating art, loves his train table, loves cars, and loves stickers, so he can stay occupied solo and also with me indoors very well. He also loves watching movies and tv shows on the tablet. On the flip side of that, peanut loves running outside, playing any sport with a ball, collecting rocks and leaves and flowers, and playing with bubbles, and sidewalk chalk.

We both love going to parks (photos in this post are from our local Nature Park) but peanut doesn’t really enjoy the standard children’s park layout with swing sets and slides. He would rather climb and run around socializing. That’s why our local parks are so fantastic in my opinion because they are each so different and there are easily 6 in our immediate area.

If anyone reads this post, let me know what indoor and outdoor activities your child(ren) likes and how you feel about the ratios!

Also I’ve been offline for an extended amount of time so let me know what you’d like to read about here!

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