Once Upon A Time: The Tale of the Car Collision

Long story short … Once upon a time, one year ago Prince, Princess, and Peanut were in a dreadful carriage collision. Everyone escaped with minor physical scathing and Peanut had stopped talking. A month went by and Peanut had only said, or rather shouted, one word “Mama!”

Three months went by and the Prince had moved out of the castle, and the Princess had not yet returned to her duties because of a broken hand and fractured wrist. The Princess wore a lovely pink cast and was home in her castle with Peanut without transportation because her carriage was demolished. Those three months were very difficult for the Princess because Peanut would not sleep through the night because of night terrors, and would scream and violently react if any loud noise was heard or if his Mama left his sight even for a moment. Princess had to return to work the day after her cast was removed though she was still in pain.

It was a very difficult transition for Princess and for Peanut to be on a new routine. Peanut’s Prince watched over him when Princess went back to her duties. Six months went by from the carriage collision and though the Princess had taken her Peanut to the royal medical advisor every single month, she was told to be patient. She was told that Peanut had experienced a trauma and that his speech would return …

Ten months went by and Peanuts vocabulary of 50 words never returned. The Princess continued to narrate Peanut’s daily activities and talked to him constantly, and was able to rebuild 5 words to his vocabulary. The Princess was not satisfied and insisted the royal medical advisor refer them to a royal speech therapy advisor.

After many evaluations and jousting tournaments with insurance and administration, Peanut began in-home speech therapy. Over the course of three months, Peanut has revealed he knows he is able to speak but for mysterious reasons will not. An evil spell perhaps?

To be continued …

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