Our Snack Recommendation

These adorable Japanese snacks are called Umaibo and they come in lots of flavors. Umaibo translates to Yum Sticks and that they are. I ordered an assortment because I wanted to try as many as I could. So far we’ve tried 11 different flavors.


Flavors pictured from my personal page: Sugar Rush, Takoyaki, Chicken Curry, Beef Tongue, Tonkatsu, Cod Roe, Corn Potage, Shrimp & Mayonnaise, Vegetable Salad, Pizza, Teriyaki, Cheese Puff.

Peanut and I would rank them very similarly I think so here goes:

1. Corn Potage

2. Vegetable Salad

3. Cheese Puff

4. Pizza

5. Teriyaki

6. Sugar Rush

7. Chicken Curry

8. Tonkatsu

9. Takoyaki

10. Shrimp & Mayonnaise

11.Cod Roe

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