Bee Yourself

Peanut’s lack of speech sometimes worries me when it comes to interacting with non-family. Even close friends/children can be a challenge. We had a great day overall and it was beautiful and sunny outside! Apparently there is something about my Peanut that draws kids to him. Within 10 minutes he made seven new friends. He had such a good time and interacted with the kids by using gestures and expressive facial expressions and noises. There was one episode that will stick with me, though apologies were made, that happened to be a close friend.

It’s difficult for Peanut to deal with confrontation and to defend himself verbally so he reacts physically by putting his hand up (open palm) for STOP and pushing it out to emphasize “back off”. Sometimes this results in a soft push if the other child is in his face when STOP happens. It’s not the children that have a reaction though, it’s the parent. As a Mom I get it, but then again I don’t. If you’re child or my child is in another child’s face instigating something then why would you get upset, and direct your anger, to the child that is signaling “STOP”? It just doesn’t sit well with me and I don’t know how to properly respond when it comes to someone that doesn’t feel like a good friend anymore once that safe feeling is lost.

A little vent was needed because we’ll it’s exhausting being a Mommy. We always worry.

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