A Good Night Sleep !!!

My little peanut SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT !!! This is beyond amazing and hopefully something I can get used to!   I’ve read enough about baby’s sleep patterns to not read about baby’s sleep patterns. Every little one has their own needs and wants so I’ll just take them as they come.  Ace is very clear […]

I’m really, really mad!

WARNING:  Vent ahead … I’ve been searching for articles that give advice on how moms returning to work full-time can cope with the adjustment and I’m SO sick of reading articles that are all targeted to SAHM (stay-at-home moms) telling them how to sympathize with the child’s father and to give them space when they […]

Baby Gender Stereotyping

We don’t bend to gender stereotyping.  If my son wants a pink outfit or a sparkly doll then that’s what he’ll have. I find it so strange that people get bent out of shape about such trivialities.  Seriously?  You’re a parent, you’ve got way more important things to worry about like keeping your kid alive […]

Daddy’s 1st Babywearing & Sushi Dinner!

A surprise night out for Sushi dinner, and Ace’s daddy tried out babywearibg for the first time! He was a little nervous about not holding the bottom of the carrier for support at first [which I think is a natural reaction as I did the same thing] but after a little while felt much more […]

Love Me Till I’m Me Again

This is a topic I’ve been avoiding but it is time to vent. One word:  hormones No one warned me that hormones will be an issue after you’ve given birth. Even after the first menstrual cycle they are still out of whack.  I feel like my hormone imbalance might be stronger now than during my […]