Strong & Strong-Willed

At not quite 4 months old he is holding his bottle all by himself.  This taller Dr Brown bottle is more difficult for him than the Munchkin Latch bottles, but he’s definitely making an effort. My little big guy is so strong-willed and already expresses likes and dislikes.  Every day there is something new I […]

A Good Night Sleep !!!

My little peanut SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT !!! This is beyond amazing and hopefully something I can get used to!   I’ve read enough about baby’s sleep patterns to not read about baby’s sleep patterns. Every little one has their own needs and wants so I’ll just take them as they come.  Ace is very clear […]

Daddy’s 1st Babywearing & Sushi Dinner!

A surprise night out for Sushi dinner, and Ace’s daddy tried out babywearibg for the first time! He was a little nervous about not holding the bottom of the carrier for support at first [which I think is a natural reaction as I did the same thing] but after a little while felt much more […]

‘Decoding Baby’s Cries’

Here are some great resources for all those out there that have tried to console a crying baby while trying to decipher the reason said baby is crying with the hit-or-miss method. Hope they help! < Decoding Your Baby’s Cries > < The Crying Dictionary > < The 5 Cries You Need To Know >

Love Me Till I’m Me Again

This is a topic I’ve been avoiding but it is time to vent. One word:  hormones No one warned me that hormones will be an issue after you’ve given birth. Even after the first menstrual cycle they are still out of whack.  I feel like my hormone imbalance might be stronger now than during my […]

My Discovered Love for Babywearing

So I’m entirely new to baby wearing but am loving it!  Here are my reasons for loving front-carrying: •  baby is close to my body so I can be attentive •  allows me to be hands-free •  my body movements and smell allow baby to be (and stay) calm •  baby can sleep comfortably •  […]