Help A New Mom Out !

It occurs to me how important a support system is for a new mom, especially a first time mom, and how much I wish I really had one.  Don’t get me wrong I have a great boyfriend, fantastic parents, and amazing friends; but people have their own lives too. A friend who I’ve known since […]

“Wrong” Mothering

I must say that between pregnancy to parenting my ideas on co-sleeping have been much altered; like so many other things I thought I had my mind set on! Expectations : • natural vaginal delivery • to attempt no epidural • exclusively breastfeeding • cloth diapering • no co-sleeping due to safety risks • limiting […]

Medical Updates

My FINAL 3 Hour (but really 2 Hour) Glucose Tolerance Test results came back “completely normal” ~ I don’t have Gestational Diabetes !!! Odd thing too that I passed an approximate 2mm Kidney Stone today after my flight to NYC for a business trip.  I had been feeling lower flank pain on my left side […]