Being a New Mom

I never had any definite plans whether or not I would have children.   Now that I am a mother to my amazing son I cannot imagine my life any other way.  It’s such a strange sensation looking at his face and just knowing life was supposed to be as it is.

A Night in Triage

Starting around 3pm I started vomiting uncontrollably at work.  I got home around 6pm and assumed that I might have just eaten something that didn’t settle, but after a couple more hours I got more concerned as dizziness started, plus extreme pain in my left side and lower back. My boyfriend took me to Triage […]

My Strong Little Guy

》video: Β my strong little guy γ€Š The baby books/apps and doctors keep advising not to worry if the baby’s movement lessens at the 9 month mark it is due to the baby’s growth and now having limited room to make big movements because of their size … Acelyn is actually moving around more than ever! […]