Baby Gender Stereotyping

We don’t bend to gender stereotyping.  If my son wants a pink outfit or a sparkly doll then that’s what he’ll have. I find it so strange that people get bent out of shape about such trivialities.  Seriously?  You’re a parent, you’ve got way more important things to worry about like keeping your kid alive […]

My Discovered Love for Babywearing

So I’m entirely new to baby wearing but am loving it!  Here are my reasons for loving front-carrying: •  baby is close to my body so I can be attentive •  allows me to be hands-free •  my body movements and smell allow baby to be (and stay) calm •  baby can sleep comfortably •  […]

Finally chose a Diaper Bag

Today my boyfriend and I finally decided on this Eddie Bauer Diaper Bag! Finalizing our shopping seems to be productive in this past week. So now we have/ordered: Clothes clothes clothes Sneaker socks Bibs [Swaddlers] [Burp clothes] Diaper Bag Wipes Case Diapers [Pacifiers] Breastpump Bassinet Baby Blankets Carseat Stroller Mommy Hook Bouncer Tummy Time Activity […]

little black maternity dress

… It occurs to me that I’ve been tracking my “baby bump” in photos since Week 13, but haven’t posted any here on my blog!  Maybe I’ll just post a collage of them when Ace is born 🙂

time goes by so quickly!

Only 4 more months left before Ace comes into the world.  Time goes by so quickly! I feel so under-prepared, but am getting better.  I’ve been shopping online and have found some adorable clothes for Ace!  I’m especially excited about the randomness of the bundle I have coming in the mail 🙂 Still haven’t sent […]

Red Alert

Pregnancy Status: 20 Weeks Current Mood: feeling a bit out of sorts Hormone Level: RED ALERT Cravings: Ice Cream / Frozen Custard Looking forward to: clothes shopping for Ace Right now fearing: reading safety reviews for nursery furniture Partner’s Status: anxious for the next ultrasound