Outdoor play / Indoor play

As a parent finding the best ratio of outdoor play to indoor play can be a struggle …

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It’s been a while but we’re back!

The past two years have been quite turbulent for us but we’re in a good place now!

My most important message today is MOMS YOU ARE ENOUGH!

You don’t need a support system to be amazing, but if you have one then use it. Don’t be afraid to ask for yourself, but if you’re completed isolated and on your own you are enough!

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Baby Food!

My little one will be 5 months old next week, and today had his first helping of baby food!


We started out with rice cereal for lunch, and then Ace picked out carrots for dinner!  He has been smacking his little lips for a couple weeks now anytime he watches mommy or daddy eat, and hasn’t seemed satisfied after bottles feedings, so we felt it was time to start him on baby food.

I’m so proud of my growing boy!

You are Judging You

Why do we feel the need to be judged?  Yes you read that correctly … Why do we feel the need to be judged?

As people, as parents, as children, as partners, as friends; we feel the need to be judged.  We feel the need to compare ourselves to an unattainable image of what we think is perfection.  The simple fact is there is no “perfect” version of you or your life.  Why waste time feeling guilty that you’ve not attained that image in your mind?  Close your eyes, take a deep breath,  and concentrate on how you can be the best you, and when you open your eyes … You are already your version of perfection – realize it and your life will be so much greater.

4 Month Marker!


My little big guy is growing up so quickly!

Today he was laying on his back, then rolled onto his side, and then actually rolled onto his stomach!  He’s such an active baby but this still was such a surprise!  I’m so excited to see Ace develop but know that I will miss him being a baby.  I just hope – no master his age – he always hugs me.

Strong & Strong-Willed


At not quite 4 months old he is holding his bottle all by himself.  This taller Dr Brown bottle is more difficult for him than the Munchkin Latch bottles, but he’s definitely making an effort.

My little big guy is so strong-willed and already expresses likes and dislikes.  Every day there is something new I learn through him and I’m truly in awe.