Why Hello, Foot


Baby's 1st Foot Grab


“Baby Bonding Time”

Let me start by saying that I am very fortunate that the company I work for has both Paid Pregnancy Leave (paid) and Child Care Leave (unpaid) for mothers.  However, as a first time mom no time would be enough “baby bonding” time.

I’ll be returning to work next week and am preparing myself for a hypothetical nervous breakdown.  Tomorrow I’ll be having photos of my peanut printed so I can have them framed on my desk … as  if this takes the place of 8.5/5 I’d have with my little one.  Of course I enjoy my job [and am very good at it] but my job as a mom will always come first.

I never expected this in my life and now understand the dilema that some of my mom and dad friends experience(d).  The reason I specified some is because there are some parents that love their time away from home and classify it as “me time” being away from their child(ren) even if it’s just going to work every day.  Personally, at this moment in my child’s life, I cannot fathom it being in any way whatsoever a good thing to be away from my baby.  I mean, really?  He’s only 3 months old.  The concept of a mom spending 24/7 with their baby for the first 3 months of their life and then suddenly *poof* goes away to a full-time work week is admittedly strange.  No time would ever be enough though, the trick is just to make it work.  And as a working mom I will find work/life balance but will still fantasize that we live in a fairytale world 🙂

TV Time with Baby


Ace has decided that he loves ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ and I’ve gotta admit I love it too.

There are only a few shows my peanut seems to truly love; and he really doesn’t watch too much TV anyways since he’s not quite 3 months old.  He’s very lucky that both his parents love Disney, Pixar, cartoons in general, and anime.  I’m thinking that for his first birthday we’ll make a Wishlist filled with blurays so to build our own Disney/Pixar Vault!

Okay I’m getting ahead of myself here.  My baby will be 3 months old tomorrow and I’m equally excited and sad.  I try to utilize my time with him and we’re on such a perfect schedule, but next week I’ll be returning to my full-time [42 hour a week] job in Corporate America, so this schedule will may only apply 2 days a week.  As much as I enjoy my job and am dern good at, it is going to be drastic life change and I’ll admit I’m nervous about work/life balance.

A Good Night Sleep !!!


My little peanut SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT !!!

This is beyond amazing and hopefully something I can get used to!   I’ve read enough about baby’s sleep patterns to not read about baby’s sleep patterns.

Every little one has their own needs and wants so I’ll just take them as they come.  Ace is very clear about what he wants/needs so far and for that I am beyond grateful.  I’m very excited for this milestone!

Today is a Neck Day


My little big guy is nearly 3 months old and he had been holding his neck up by himself for about a month now; of course his head is so a little wobbly but that’s to be expected as his neck muscles develop and get stronger.

I can barely believe how fast time is passing.  It is so exciting hearing him start mimic-babbling and imagining what his voice will sound like and what his first word will be.  I think of how amazing it will be to watch him start crawling , then suddenly stand on his own, and to take his first steps.

Thinking of these life events is so thrilling but also a little heartbreaking because when they do occur he won’t be a little baby anymore.  Oh the pulling on my heartstrings as I write this!  Geez!