The busted lip incident of ’17

Today was our entrance meeting for Preschool, and poor Peanut tripped in the doorway and busted his top and bottom lip. Quite a way to start out but he was such a little trooper all through the meeting!

Picky eater “phase”!

I feel like my Peanut has been going through a picky eater phase for a year and counting! Apparently it is currently an issue with textures because “Ewww!” is his reaction to fruits that he loves in smoothies (non-milk and/or with milk). We’re a big fan of Naked and Odwalla smoothies, especially the Green Machine one!

Also I might have a rare version of a toddler when it comes to most moms go-to foods for picky eaters. Peanut doesn’t like cheese except if it’s on pepperoni pizza. So no mac-n-cheese, no string cheese, no grilled cheese, no cheese cubes … Poor me right?! 🧀😂🤣

Bee Yourself

Peanut’s lack of speech sometimes worries me when it comes to interacting with non-family. Even close friends/children can be a challenge. We had a great day overall and it was beautiful and sunny outside! Apparently there is something about my Peanut that draws kids to him. Within 10 minutes he made seven new friends. He had such a good time and interacted with the kids by using gestures and expressive facial expressions and noises. There was one episode that will stick with me, though apologies were made, that happened to be a close friend.

It’s difficult for Peanut to deal with confrontation and to defend himself verbally so he reacts physically by putting his hand up (open palm) for STOP and pushing it out to emphasize “back off”. Sometimes this results in a soft push if the other child is in his face when STOP happens. It’s not the children that have a reaction though, it’s the parent. As a Mom I get it, but then again I don’t. If you’re child or my child is in another child’s face instigating something then why would you get upset, and direct your anger, to the child that is signaling “STOP”? It just doesn’t sit well with me and I don’t know how to properly respond when it comes to someone that doesn’t feel like a good friend anymore once that safe feeling is lost.

A little vent was needed because we’ll it’s exhausting being a Mommy. We always worry.

“Get lots of rest” says my doctor

Peanut caught the Coxsackie Virus last week when he was with his Dad and brought it home to his Mommy. His Dad had said Peanut didn’t have an appetite but would drink smoothies, and then after a good day, the next morning I knew something was wrong when he still had no appetite and seemed exhausted even after just waking up. He also had little bumps around his mouth, hands, legs, and a couple on his heel which were the identifiers of Coxsackie Virus which is super contagious, especially from a little boy thrilled to be with Mommy and giving lots of hugs and kisses after a day away.

Thursday the blisters were bright red and Peanut slept off and on all day, which never happens. I can rarely get this little guy to nap for me so I knew this was gonna be rough. I didn’t realize that this virus isn’t just one that children get so aside from great hygiene, I didn’t take any precautions for myself and caught the virus too and apparently it hits adults hard.

I have a follow-up appointment today to find out if there’s something more than just the virus in my system because on top of this I might have Strep. I really hope I don’t because Peanut is still home with me and I don’t want him to get sick again. His Dad decided since I had to take off work that he’d get some extra days at his work. I get it but I really don’t at the same time.

Being sick as a Mom is awful. Being sick as a Mom who just got their toddler back to full health from being sick is horrible. Being sick as a Mom when you’re the only one to take care of you both is the absolute worst.

Pumpkin patch

I had to miss work today due to health reasons (another day another post), after distracting Peanut from getting completely dressed early and excited to play with Prince, we made it about 4 hours until I realized we were out of milk. He was happy with his smoothie but there was no way we would have a day without a glass of milk.

Off to the grocery store we went and Peanut was thrilled to see the pumpkin patch displayed out front! A few times he called them “ball” but knew what they were. He’s newly in love with Halloween decorations and Prince and I are thrilled since we both love Halloween.

I realize this was a random post but if I wanted to remind myself of the good random moments that happen while I’m dealing with the bad.

Our Snack Recommendation

These adorable Japanese snacks are called Umaibo and they come in lots of flavors. Umaibo translates to Yum Sticks and that they are. I ordered an assortment because I wanted to try as many as I could. So far we’ve tried 11 different flavors.


Flavors pictured from my personal page: Sugar Rush, Takoyaki, Chicken Curry, Beef Tongue, Tonkatsu, Cod Roe, Corn Potage, Shrimp & Mayonnaise, Vegetable Salad, Pizza, Teriyaki, Cheese Puff.

Peanut and I would rank them very similarly I think so here goes:

1. Corn Potage

2. Vegetable Salad

3. Cheese Puff

4. Pizza

5. Teriyaki

6. Sugar Rush

7. Chicken Curry

8. Tonkatsu

9. Takoyaki

10. Shrimp & Mayonnaise

11.Cod Roe

Once Upon A Time: The Tale of the Car Collision

Long story short … Once upon a time, one year ago Prince, Princess, and Peanut were in a dreadful carriage collision. Everyone escaped with minor physical scathing and Peanut had stopped talking. A month went by and Peanut had only said, or rather shouted, one word “Mama!”

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